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Why doesn’t the pain go away even though I go to the hospital?

・My back pain never gets better even though I go every week
・I’ve had persistent back pain for years.
・have a headache
・Tiredness does not go away even after rest

This kind of trouble can be solved just by doing something.

that is

Get rid of muscle stiffness

If you lose stiffness, your body will change

At Fussa Suzuhiro Chiropractic Clinic

Approach the part where the muscles are stiff.

When a muscle gets hard, it gets hard not only in one place but also in other muscles.


Widened stiffness interferes with joint movement.

can’t lift shoulders

I can’t look up because my neck hurts

I can’t reach the floor even when I bend down

The cause is accumulated stiffness.

The longer you leave it, the deeper it becomes

Muscle stiffness becomes stubborn the longer you leave it.

Many people endure

The longer you put up with it, the stronger and deeper it becomes.

for example

There are many cases where people who can get by with 3 visits to the hospital need 10 visits if they continue to be patient.

If you feel stiff, please deal with it immediately.

There are two major ways to deal with stiffness

There are two ways to deal with stiffness

Do you want to solve it by yourself or solve it by someone else?

People who find relief from stiff shoulders with this exercise are likely to be able to resolve it on their own.

It may be difficult for people who did not feel improvement with exercise to solve it on their own.

We recommend that you undergo treatment immediately.

as described

Stiffness becomes more stubborn the longer you leave it.

self-resolvethird party solution



It is important to restore the correct role to muscles

Muscles are naturally elastic.


When there is stiffness, elasticity is lost and it becomes hard.

Muscles move by expanding and contracting.

When stiffness occurs

Stays stretched or contracted

When this happens, the movement of the body is lost, resulting in stiff shoulders and back pain.

The top priority is to eliminate stiffness in both rabbits and horns.

Muscles work and return to proper posture

Once you’ve got the hang of it, do some simple exercises.

When the stiffness is gone, the body moves correctly, so the exercise will be effective.

Once the muscles are activated, they will automatically return to their original posture.

Our clinic improves posture by eliminating stiffness.

Differences from general practice

In order to relieve low back pain and pelvic distortion, only treatment to soften the stiffened outer muscle is commonly performed.

Just softening the hard outer muscles will lose support and the body will become unstable.

It immediately returns to its original state and the stronger stiffness recurs.


the important thing is

Relieve stiffness
Inner muscle activation

When the inner muscle is activated, one axis passes through the body and unnecessary stiffness disappears.

The final goal is to be able to keep my body in good shape by myself.

self-resolvethird party solution



As you can see in the table, exercise is absolutely necessary.

The reason is

Stiffness always recurs with treatment alone

Therefore, at our hospital

Patients are able to keep themselves in good physical condition

This is our final goal.

If you agree with this idea, please use our clinic.

actual flow

STEP 1 Reservation


Please make a reservation for your desired date from the Internet reservation or LINE.


STEP 2 Visit the hospital

Please come 5 minutes before your reservation time.
Please contact us if you will be late.
If you arrive late without contacting us, we may not be able to accept you.


STEP 3 Fill out the hearing sheet

You will be asked to fill out a hearing sheet to understand your symptoms and physical condition.


STEP 4 Hearing

We will listen to your current symptoms, explain your questions and the effects of the treatment in an easy-to-understand manner, and propose a plan that suits you.


STEP 5 Physical examination

We will examine your body (muscles, joints, and nerves) and explain the cause of your discomfort.

This is an examination that is not performed in general hospitals.


STEP 6 Treatment and exercise

First of all, get rid of the stiffness.

Then you will have a body that works well with exercise. 

STEP 7 Next reservation

Finally, we will pay the bill and make your next reservation.

We will never force you to make a reservation.

Sole plate therapy (insole) that eliminates the distortion of the foot and removes the stiffness without permission

Formthotics Medical

An insole that corrects the alignment of the foot bones and enhances the function of the inner muscles from the feet.

The impact from the feet spreads throughout the body.

As a result, there are many things that cause back pain, stooped back, stiff shoulders, stiff neck, etc.

Special insoles that can only be prescribed by certified clinics

Formthotics Medical

It can only be purchased from authorized institutions of the Japan Podiatric Society.

The reason is

I need a professional evaluation of my foot and a thermoformed fitting etc.

Why Formthotics?

This insole

This is because the insole is recommended by foot authorities around the world.

Therapist introduction

Takehiro Suzuki

I would like to introduce myself again.
My name is Takehiro Suzuki.
Born and raised in Akishima City, Tokyo.
Since I was in college, I have been studying at a local orthopedic clinic, and in 2020, I opened my own chiropractic clinic.
Served as Director and was responsible for staff management.
Currently, in addition to the chiropractic clinic, I work at an osteopathic clinic, a high school handball team trainer, support for team trainers participating in the D League, operate an online salon for therapists, and teach technical seminars for therapists.
I decided to open “Fussa Suzuhiro Chiropractic Clinic” because I wanted to make use of the experience I had cultivated so far and take on new challenges.
We will suggest a treatment and exercise menu that suits you.

Information for the first time

Yen payment only

For the first time, we will conduct an interview, inspection, explanation, and treatment.

Approximate travel time is about 60〜90 minutes.

We will take time to examine and explain, confirm the treatment effect and make suggestions for the future.


Our clinic is a complete reservation system.

In addition, since we cannot answer the phone during the treatment, it is very difficult to connect to the phone.
(There is always an answering machine, and we will only return calls to those who leave a message.)

Online reservations and LINE are convenient and reliable for reservations and inquiries.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.